Thursday, November 23, 2006


Recently Harri found a flea market that sells elcasets and today i went to the same place and got some elcasets also. The Man said he has got some more of those and he will dig his storage and find them for us. Great, but now we are facing the problem we don't have a elcaset deck. Luckily all the remaining elcasets and 2000 decks where dumped to Finland in late 1979 - so there should be some el-decks around. That would mean that our new studio in vallila will have the elcaset high fidelity recording possibilities.

Size comparison of Elcaset with standard audio cassette

some links to elcaset:
Elcaset in wikipedia
the end of the Elcaset, and the new beginning in Finland
deck pictures


Tomi said...

näkyy hifipörssi listaavan yhden aika suolaiseen hintaan;

daniel said...

liian suolaista juuh 135€ - katsotaan - mulla on yks maikkari säätö kesken katsotaan mitä niiltä löytyy.