Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Acid symhony

Acid Symphony Orchestra - Diamonds Of The Night from Jori Hulkkonen on Vimeo.

Couple of years ago I got a call from Jori Hulkkonen. He had a problem, he was planning a symphony for 10 Roland TB-303:s, and he did not know how to sync those. 303:s do not have midi, but they do have older dinsync.

Jori did not want to use dindsync to midi or other commercial products, so we soldered together a custom buffered 1 to 10 dinsync box. 

Daniel made a nice set to flickr about the technical side.

So if you are going to see Kraftwerk in Suvilahti tomarrow, check the Acid Symphony as well. 

And check what boingboing wrote about the project, misspelled our name atleast.

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