Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Koelse live at Polymer Tallinn 22.3

Koelse will perform tomorrow 22.3.2012 at Reuse exhibition opening at Polymer Culture Factory in Tallinn. Very special show coming, and interesting exhibition. 

Exhibition Opening Thursday 22 March 2012 17:30
Art Container Gallery/ Culture Factory Polymer
10 days, down and dirty at Polymer.
REUSE is a showcase of functional art made in the “Polymer Style.” The works of art share themes of repurposed materials, improvisation and elegant solutions.
Join us at the exhibition for refreshments and demonstrations of the works of art.
REUSE: THE POLYMER CHALLENGE is part of the educational program of Polymer titled Polykool.
Works by:
Linda Al-Assi (Estonia)
Erik Alalooga (Estonia)
Ryan Left (Canada)
Sara Millazo (Finland)
Ig Noir (Estonia)
Justin Tyler Tate (America/Estonia)
Trashlab/Error edition (Finland/Estonia)
Curated by Ernest Truely (USA/Estonia)

Also exhibiting:
Jukka Hautamäki (Finland)
Albert Laine (Finland)

Additional performance at the opening by
Koelse (Finland)
Association of Experimental Electronics

Supported by
Pixelache (Finland)
Culture Factory Polymer
The art program of Culture Factory Polymer  and Art Container is supported by Estonian Ministry of Culture and Estonian Endowment of Culture

Kultuuritehas Polymer
Madara 22/ Ülase 16
info: (+372) 55 94 12 11
(+372) 55 43 961
(+372) 51 93 70 03

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