Sunday, August 19, 2012

Next Copenhagen

Next KOELSE will be heading to Copenhagen, where we will participate both Copenhagen Art Festival and Alt_Cph. We are there from 28.8-2.9. We will be movng around town, so check the schedule to find us:

KOELSE PARADE 12.00-16.10
Den Frie 
PARADE Den Frie - Charlottenborg
40 min. (via Bredgade)
PARADE Charlottenborg  - Nikolaj
15 min (through Magasin passagen)
PARADE Nikolaj - Højbro Plads/Gl. Strand 
15 min. (via Gl. Strand and back)
GL. Strand/Højbro Plads
PARADE fra Strand/Højbro Plads - Overgaden
30 min. (via Knippels Bro)
PARADE Overgaden - Alt Cph
40 min. (via Torvegade - Amager Fælledvej - sundholmsvej)
Alt Cph

Music in and around Copenhagen centre.

14-17: Workshop at Alt Cph with following concert

Intimate concert at TBA café in Copenhagen centre

Koelse (FIN) is a group of experimental electronics enthusiasts. They gather old consumer-electronics and transform them into sound producing devices. With these devices they play concerts, build installations and walk the streets in an inviting fashion to let people join and play with them

This year Alt_Cph and Copenhagen Art festival collaborate on a project with Koelse at it’s core.
Kolese will be part of both the program at Alt_Cph and Copenhagen Art Festival using their DIY instruments and Mobile Units to join the two art events in an interactive musical and artistic project. Throughout their stay, Kolese will have a stand at the fair, where you can come see them work on their projects.

Their first project will be a music parade where they will be walking with their DIY instruments through the city with pick-up points at each of the five contemporary art centers behind Copenhagen Art Festival, ending up at the fair to play an opening concert. The musical parade will start at Den Frie Kunsthal Wednesday at 12.00 o’clock and go on to Charlottenborg Kunsthal, Nikolaj Kunsthal, Gl. Strand and Højbro Plads and then on to Overgaden before walking to Alt_CPH on Amager. Check for full parade info here: LINK (linkes til planen ovenfor m googlemaps)

Thursday they will walk in and around Copenhagen centre and play at makeshift places.

Friday they have an open workshop at the Alt_Cph art fair from 14.00-17.00 in collaboration with Ben, Rør & Stampes (DK) a project space who likewise enjoy making DIY instruments, This workshop will end in a concert at the fair.

Saturday Kolese will set up shop in one of Copenhagen’s lionized bars where they unfold their instruments in an intimate concert.

Koelse’s projects have been seen and heard around Europe on festivals, museums, galleries and alternative art spaces since 2002.