Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Exhibition at Oksasenkatu 11

This friday 14.6 we will open our next exhibition at Oksasenkatu 11 Gallery, Helsinki. Exhibition is titled: Postspatial discoreligion - A sketch for the profound experience of the future

In the world after peak oil the dreams about conquering outer space get dimmer and the continuity of western lifestyle gets more and more improbable.

When the consumercultural production chains break down, our still oily gaze turns to what we have left behind; trash, junk, filth. Where wastelands are future´s treasury, concepts can be excavated with the same lustfulness.

Association of experimental electronics is a group specialized in casual-artistic reuse of electronic waste. We hoard abandoned household electronics and intercollide them by therms of “Circuit bending” and “Hardware hacking.”

In this sketch for the future comprehensions we try to scrable together western culture´s most delicate traditions, such as religion, popular culture, heraldics and electronic art. Our aim is to present a vision of what kind of ritualculture we could have after the great breakdown.

The exhibition is open 14.-30.6. from Wednesdays to Sundays 15-20.

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