Monday, April 09, 2007

APC space wired 1.0

Last night i fitted space wired APC inside a Osram Centra bulb (diameter 80mm and length 160mm).

It's controlled whit two LDR's they need to be at very dark to start oscillating at audio frequency, so it's kind of optimised for gigs at dark places. It has also microphone stand adapter.

thre is a short video clip on youtube:

APC video

I also cutted some bigger bulbs, so more of glasware-electronics are here soon.

Thursday, April 05, 2007

Second dorkbot event

Originally uploaded by anttia.
The second dorkbot event took place last weekend at the Pixelache festival in Kiasma. We did hae a change to present the HEM, home entertainment modular synthesizer ver 1.1, and we had an interesting demostration from AEE Turku chapter.

We had a nice evening with lots of new devices, nothing even cought on fire this time, even thought HEM:s spearers do smoke a little.

Some pictures: