Thursday, February 16, 2012

Cultural tram gig cancelled

Gig atg the Cultural tram cancelled, Cultural tram burned down.

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Talking trashlab, Antti Ahonen friday 17.2

Antti Ahonen from KOELSE will be talking on the Talkingh trashlab series on friday at Aalto media factory

Welcome to the first lecture in the ‘Talking Trash(lab)’ series by Antti Ahonen (Koelse, FI), on Friday 17th February, 17.30-19.00 at Aalto Media Factory.
“How I learned to stop worrying and love trash”
The question of trash is very essential today, as the rate our limited natural resources is turning into hazardous waste is constantly accelerating. Will we drown in our own waste, or is there an answer to this question? If there is, should we search for it in technology, activism, philosophy, religion, history, art or somewhere else? Is the end of consumer-culture near, or will we be saved by singularity, green politics or our own actions?
Antti Ahonen from Koelse will tackle these topics, explaining how he learned to stop worrying and love trash.
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Koelse documentary premiere

2011-01-29-_MG_8687.CR2 Long waited KOELSE documentary by Jari Kykkänen will be premiered this week.

The movie is about young men who form a group called the Association of Experimental Electronics (KOELSE). They gather electronic devices thrown away by people and build musical instruments and art installations from them. Their opinion of music, fun and the culture of consuming differs from the masses. What others see as a worthless piece of junk is valuable technology for them. Their whole idea is based on the idea of reusing this carbage. KOELSE is not really a band, it´s also not really an art community. It´s more like a way of life that relies on doing together and using the old technology again. The documentary is a part of an ongoing process of making a full lenght movie. address: Art Lab Nilsiänkatu 10, 2. floor. 00510 Helsinki time: Thursday 16.2., 18-20 (screening at 19) lenght of the movie 33 min after the movie KOELSE will play a live gig.

Bring your own booze