Sunday, April 22, 2012

Exhibition in Pori 29.4-20.5

Next we will be setting up our 101 Sequencers exhibition at Gallery 3H+K in Pori. This year we are celebrating our 10 th anniversary, so we will have a very special setup coming. 

We will build our most challenging setup ever, that will feature sequencers throughout our history, and a massive amount of completely new devices. 

At our opening on 28.4 we will also publish a book about our 10-year long journey, so be there and be sure to have some cash with you so you can own a copy of this beauty.

Wednesday, April 04, 2012

Wastelandfest trailer out now

Jättömaa 2012 festivaali Wastelandfestival 2012 20.7.-22.7.2012 @ Kouvola

Monday, April 02, 2012


AAVE is hounting the northern suburbs of Helsinki, the AAVE-alternative audiovisual
event. Events will be held mostly in Malmitalo 12.-15.4.2012.

KOELSE will be performing on sunday 21.00. Be prepared for a very special audiovisual experience.


AAVE (in English: ghost, spectre) – will have its days of haunting 12. – 15.4.2012. Our festival of moving images will once again show a rich selection of different phenomena in audiovisual art, completely free of harge. From the coldness and darkness of the winter people are waking up to the rays of early spring, and walking towards the light that radiates across the small Malmi square. AAVE radiates. Polar Night is finally over. It is a time to join our hands together in our energetic gathering and wonder the mysteries of the moving images.
In this year our primary attention is on the live cinema performances and in the relationship between analogue film and digital media. We believe that this discussion has just started. We are glad to show works in Super 8-, 16-, 35 mm and digital formats.
To the delight of our audiences we will be bringing back our screening program of Japanese movie delicatessen, edge-of-the-art/ cutting edge art selections of both domestic and international media art and a historical program of the women animators from Soviet Union. Our new theme En Garde! will guarantee a sharp taste of the spiciness of the 21st century avant-garde. Our collaborators among others are AV-arkki, National Audiovisual Archive, FixC Cooperative and Impakt–festival, our soul sibling from Netherlands.
Our main venue is Malmitalo, but we will also haunt in Lasipalatsi exhibition space, XL Art Space, Finnish National Theatre Stage Club and Porvoonkatu bar. The lecture / panel discussion session between the structural film / film performance artist Guy Sherwin (GB) and media artist Oliver Whitehead (FI) is organized together in the Finnish Academy of Fine Arts. In Malmitalo the media artist Markus Renvall (FI) will have a two day experimental chroma-key –video workshop for children of any age and their parents. Welcome to the shine of AAVE!
Yours ghostly,
Artistic directors Ivan Punzo & Kari Yli-Annala